Vampires Suck: Our Top Five Trending Vampire Titles

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Vampires are sexy, right? Of course they are, and they're even sexier when they're not being censored - when you can see everything they do with their teeth, and with those immortal libidos they're so famous for. Porn has just as deep an obsession with vampire sexuality as mainstream movies do, and ten times the action. Whether they're Gothically inclined lesbian vampires, BDSM-heavy bloodsuckers, or comic-book cosplay superhotties, these undead fuckers are ready for anything.

  • Private Blockbusters #12 - My Stepmother is a Vampire by Private

    Private Blockbusters #12 - My Stepmother is a Vampire

    Studio: Private

    In Private's blockbuster tale of a family torn apart by dark forces and unnatural passions, lust rules the ages - a step-mother obsessed with youth, a father driven to the edge of reason, a daughter and her step-brother taken to the depths of depravity and a fiancée with a love too strong to die mix and mingle all kinds of bodily fluids in this tale from the vampire-ridden streets of Prague. A timeless story of vampires, vixens and vice, "My Stepmother Is a Vampire" leaves no taboo unexplored. Featuring Alexis Crystal, Ferrera Gomez, Gabriella Gucci, Victoria Redd and over a dozen top performers in roles that will define their careers.

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  • Vampire Sisters by Bleu Productions

    Vampire Sisters

    Studio: Bleu Productions

    Fetish superstars and BDSM performers Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X team up together as the Vampire Sisters in Maria Beatty’s breathtaking, luscious erotic noire. The creatures of the night are creatures of passion, and when one of them finds herself in dire danger from accidentally feeding on the dead, it takes every ounce of erotic skills her sister can muster to bring her back from the brink of oblivion. Anastasia uses deep tongue kissing, sensual body exploration, latex fetish, face slapping, fierce nipple and breast play, masturbation, and ravenous neck biting in her resuscitation rituals. Spanking rituals, flogging, cropping and wax play with extreme doses of succulent orgasmic climaxes seal the deal, and Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X’s lust for each other is eternal.

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  • Ladies Of The Night (Les Vampyres) by Blue Panther Films

    Ladies Of The Night (Les Vampyres)

    Studio: Blue Panther Films

    Lush and gothic, Ladies of the Night represents a new bar for vampire erotica; as night falls over the city,a frightened schoolgirl tries unsuccessfully to evade the Ladies Of the Night - ageless and deadly, prey on the innocent, seducing and teasing helpless girls and drawing them into a web of depravity. Their captive submits to their dark, haunting beauty more and more eagerly, until she is driven to the brink of absolute surrender. With the approach of dawn, her punishment intensifies. Like an exotic, long-lost silent movie re-discovered, its sheer sensuality and beauty will astound you. This stunning work is truly a landmark in the world of fetish film.

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  • Voracious - Season Two Volume 4 by Evil Angel

    Voracious - Season Two Volume 4

    Studio: Evil Angel

    Voracious - Season Two Volume 4 presents John Stagliano's epic vampire serial's climactic final episodes. Vampire killer James Deen captures pale creature-of-the-night Stoya to gain information via brutal bondage and SM-flavored anal interrogations. Torn by grief, vampire Wolf Hudson begs gorgeous bloodsucker Lea Lexis to feed on him, and she draws out his pain with sensual dance, sloppy cocksucking, hard ass-fucking and a messy facial. Twisted Mother Superior Rain DeGrey exorcises her convent of evil, reaming the tender asses of wayward girls with huge dildos and glowing, crucifix-shaped phalluses in a blasphemous punishment that brings the sanctified lesbians to a writhing group climax. Roxy Raye, Ashley Fires and Rain endure intense, rough sodomy from vampire enforcer Rocco Siffredi, who pushes them to their submissive limits. Lea Lexis gets the last laugh and the ultimate suck-off. Volume 4 caps a dark, visually exotic tale of Gothic horror, psychosexual power exchange, hard-core kink and striking performances.

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  • Vampirella by Anastasia Pierce


    Studio: Anastasia Pierce

    After a millennium of beauty and youth, the immortal Vampirella's body is starting to fail. Weaker with every century, she's running out of time - unless she can find a new body to inhabit. Supergirl's body is the perfect vessel for Vampirella's immortal spirit, so She lures her in and uses powerful magic to freeze Supergirl like a statue. Unable to defend herself and in way over her head, Supergirl manages to call Wonder Woman for backup before being completely frozen for good. The body exchange, consisting of intense and intimate sexuality, leaves both of them drained from mutual orgasms and sustained passion. What will the fate of these three powerful women be? Tune in and see as these stunning superheroines tangle in a struggle for dominance and release.

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