“Curves for Days 2” It’s Come to This

By: Val Williams
Curves for Days #2

The girls in "Curves for Days 2" hit a sweet spot between tiny porn girls and the kind of women who call themselves curvy because they're not comfortable just admitting that they can cop …

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"Curves for Days #2" Movie Details

Title: "Curves for Days #2"
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Amber Ivy, Ivy Lebelle, Samantha Mack, Savana Styles, Sydnee Vicious, Gage Sin, Mr. Pete, Small Hands
Overall Rating:

4.5 stars

The girls in “Curves for Days 2” hit a sweet spot between tiny porn girls and the kind of women who call themselves curvy because they’re not comfortable just admitting that they can cop to being fat and still be sexy. So, to be honest, the sweet spot is “normal-sized woman”, which is good to see. Curvy, in this instance, means lots of ass, thighs, tits and soem belly, and if you appreciate a beautiful girl for those parts of her, there’s plenty to appreciate here.

Ivy Lebelle is a cute stripper from LA who says she fucked maybe a couple of hundred guys before getting into porn, and expects to do many more. Joanna Angel talks her through an interview, unsubtly undresses her, and covers her in oil for when Small Hands arrives and takes over, after which she fades into the background. Mr. Hands does his usual gentlemanly work of filling her up with cock in as many holes as he is allowed, taking advantage of the fact that Joanna has applied a quart of oil to use her as a sexy slip-n-slide until he pops on her tits.

Savana Styles is a bouncy, sultry, smoking redhead (this time) who gets a guitar heavy striptease intro instead of an interview segment. She might not be much of a talker, although she never stops chattering in sultry French as Markus Dupree comes in and climbs right aboard, putting her to work on her knees; she takes his cock in her mouth, but doesn’t keep it there long, because he really wants to put in her pussy – and who wouldn’t? He can’t really make up his mind where he wants it, and alternates between her mouth, ass and pussy until he slams out a big load on her eager face.

Owen Gray has just arrived at the Canadian office, and he’s looking for something to eat, so he orders from Pizza and Poutine; when Samantha Mack arrives to deliver it, Owen is much more interested in her 45G tits and her cocksucking talents than the frankly substandard pizza she brings. She’s thicker than the rest of the girls so far, definitely curvy and possessed of a pair of huge natural boobs that jiggle and shudder most appealingly as she gets fucked on the desk. All of her, in fact, jiggles appealingly – if we’re talking Curves for Days, Samantha might go for a couple of weeks. Owen fucks her tits and shoots a load all over them.

Sydnee Vicious reminds me of girls like Bonnie Rotten, Christy Mack, and Anna Bell Peaks – surgically enhanced to a point of almost cartoonish sexiness, with perfectly globular fake tits, tattoos and piercings galore, and horny as fuck. There’s no story or plot to her scene with Gage Sin – just raw fucking, moaning, and lots of slapping flesh. Syndee, who appeared in “It’s My First Time 3” and “Cum on My Tattoo 5”, is really only curvy by virtue of her enhancements, but she’s still hot as fuck, and I’m not going to grudge her the moniker since I like watching her fuck.

Mr. Pete is all wrapped up in a pinball game, but when the delicious Amber Ivy – scarlet-haired, busty, and looking like a dirty ’40s pinup girl – arrives to play nest to him, he forgets to concentrate on the flippers and paddles and starts thinking about her considerable charms instead. Amber has a firm, lush body, and she loves getting fucked, so he has no problem getting inside her on the double, and he reddens her fair skin with a little smacking while he’s administering the cock. She happily takes a facial.

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