“Lesbian Hookup”: Some Quick Fun

By: Val Williams
Lesbian Hookup

I don't get involved in as many "Lesbian Hookups" as I'd like, but that's really more down to my life choices than anything else. On the other had, after watching the four scenes in Lesbian …

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"Lesbian Hookup" Movie Details

Title: "Lesbian Hookup"
Studio: Girlsway
Director: Stills By Allan
Stars: Shyla Jennings, Gabriella Paltrova, Lana Rhoades, Maddy O'Reilly, Georgia Jones, Jenna Sativa, Serena Blair, Celeste Star
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

I don’t get involved in as many “Lesbian Hookups” as I’d like, but that’s really more down to my life choices than anything else. On the other had, after watching the four scenes in Lesbian Hookup, I have to say that they’re not really hookups as much as they are, for the most part, encounters between women who have known each other for a while and are just ripe for a sexual encounter, which I feel I have a much better chance at. It’s just a natter of work and effort.

Lesbian Hookup

Remember that movie Mannequin? Me either, but I’ve been told about it. Some guy invests a mannequin with life – LIFE, I tell you! – and then has some kind of affair with it, and they have sex? I think. Anyway, this scene is like that, with Angela White leaving Gabriella Paltrova because she works too hard and forgets anniversaries, and then Gabriella’s mannequin comes to life and starts groping her. You would too. On the one hand, it’s a shame that Angela White isn’t in more of this scene, but on the other hand, when the mannequin comes to life, it’s Jenna Sativa, so how can you complain? Lesbian hijinks ensue. The highlight here, and possibly of the entire movie, is Jenna squirting all over Gabriella’s ass.

Lesbian Hookup

There’s not a lot of setup to the second scene – just Serena Blair getting dolled up in some nice black lingerie and giving girlfriend Shyla Jennings a sexy lap dance that turns into a delicious fuckfest, and lesbian hijinks ensue. There’s writhing, grinding, kissing, licking and fingering, and you can’t ask for more than that in a lesbian hookup.

Lesbian Hookup

You’re going to have some trouble suspending your disbelief for the third scene, in which Celeste Star, looking like some kind of cartoon of sexiness, is reduced to looking online for companionship. She lays out her requirements and is immediately met with a storm of replies to her profile and is almost within seconds embroiled with gorgeous blue-eyed brunette Lana Rhoades, who does what any sensible online dater does and jumps on board the new meat before she gets tired of the crassness and crudity. Lesbian hijinks ensue.

Lesbian Hookup

You know that thing where you can’t find your socks, or your underwear, or a shirt, or whatever, and then you’re all like where the hell is my underwear (or my socks, or my shirt, or whatever)? Maybe your roommate Maddy O’Reilly is stealing them and wearing them, because she has a thing for fancy panties, and maybe if you confront her and ask her what she’s doing, she’ll take off all her clothes and then yours and seduce you and eat your pussy and suck on your nipples and lesbian hijinks will ensue. Well, I mean, you’re going to have to be Georgia Jones to pull it off, but it’s worth a try, right?

Val Williams