“My Daughter the Babysitter”: Girlsway Delivers

By: Val Williams
My Daughter The Babysitter

Even if you're not into girl-girl action - and if you're not, I don't know what youre doing reading a review of a Girlsway movie called "My Daughter the Babysitter" - you can't help but …

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"My Daughter The Babysitter" Movie Details

Title: "My Daughter The Babysitter"
Studio: Girlsway
Director: Stills By Allan, Craven Moorehead
Stars: Carter Cruise, Carolina Sweets, Lana Rhoades, Mona Wales, Brandi Love, Jenna Sativa, Alexis Fawx, Jelena Jensen, Kali Roses
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Even if you’re not into girl-girl action – and if you’re not, I don’t know what youre doing reading a review of a Girlsway movie called “My Daughter the Babysitter” – you can’t help but love Girlsway for their casting choices. I don’t know if it makes me queer, but I need dick in my porn to get really into it, and there is none to be found in Girlsway movies, even by way of bad examples to be shied away from; there is no point in watching porn and not enjoying it, though, so I have taken to watching Girlsway movies for people like Carter Cruise and Brandi Love. The delicious Mona Wales (billed in the movie as Mona Whales, for some reason, is here too, although she is not quite so much of a fixture in Girlsway movies. It’s weird, but I get more out of the casting and the plots from Girlsway than I do from the sex, which is a shame, because the sex is topnotch. I’m really missing out.

My Daughter The Babysitter

When Jelena Jensen‘s son brings home ten million dollars and a new wife after a trip to Las Vegas, she’s astonished and taken aback, but not as much as when she catches Lana Rhoades masturbating in her son’s bedroom. And if you’re a lesbian mom, or even just a mom with bisexual tendencies and you find a Vegas stripper frigging herself on your son’s bed, what can you possibly do besides join in? Lana loves Jelena’s big tits, and Jelena can’t help but surrender. As her son found out, the woman he married is very persuasive!

My Daughter The Babysitter

Alexis Fawx isn’t happy with how much money Carolina Sweets spends, nor with the shit she wastes it on, and – after a talk with Carolina’s dad, decides it’s time to tell her stepdaughter who’s boss. Spoiler alert – it’s Alexis, who thinks Carolina’s time would be much better spent face-down in Alexis’s pussy than on the phone or not cleaning the house. After a little persuasion, Carolina can’t help but agree.

My Daughter The Babysitter

Brandi Love and her husband are just about to go out on their first night away from the baby in a long time, and when the babysitter cancels, she’s devastated. Her stepdaughter Carter Cruise can’t possibly deal with a baby – she’s feckless, irresponsible, and determined that she’s going out dancing with friends. She’s very disappointed to learn that she’s not going out, but when Brandi comes back to get her purse and finds Carter masturbating, the evening gets a lot better.

My Daughter The Babysitter

Mona Wales, owner and operator of the city’s most successful escort agency taught her protege Jenna Sativa everything she knows about accounting, business and seduction. Jenna’s been working hard to make her proud, and her effort has paid off: Mona is promoting her to vice-president, and her first job is to evaluate new escort candidate Kali Roses. Of course, that evaluation is all bout finding out how good Kali is in bed – and of course Mona is going to join in!

Val Williams