“White Boxxx 20”: Plain and Simple

By: Val Williams
The White Boxxx #20

If your feeling about porn is that it isn't romantic enough, that it doesn't seem intimate enough or deliver as much passion as you want to see, but you also don't want to get into …

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"The White Boxxx #20" Movie Details

Title: "The White Boxxx #20"
Studio: Porndoe Premium
Director: Louis Moire
Stars: Belle Claire, Taylor Sands, Tina Kay
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

If your feeling about porn is that it isn’t romantic enough, that it doesn’t seem intimate enough or deliver as much passion as you want to see, but you also don’t want to get into anything too kinky or even remotely separated from the mainstream, then “White Boxxx 20” is for you. It’s my feeling that the makers of the movie, and presumably of all of its predecessors, could have left off the extra Xes and maybe conveyed a little more of the class and elegance they were shooting for, but maybe if they had, their movie wouldn’t have been instantly recognizable as porn, and missed its target audience. Who knows?

The White Boxxx 20

“White Boxxx 20” both adds to and subtracts from its own ability to convey romance by employing only people who are not native English speakers and by not only not giving them anything to say, and possibly forbidding them from speaking. There’s no dialogue and no plot, which has its pluses and minuses – placed in a basically featureless, generic white environment, they exist in a kind of timeless limbo, with nothing to distract your attention from their obvious arousal.

The White Boxxx 20

Tina Kay, in the first scene, is so joyous and passionate that you can’t help but feel like she must really love either her work or that guy. In either case, she has only her body language to tell us about it. She’s so eager to make out with Lutro that she sits up and bashes him in the face with her chin; the rest of the scene goes better – he’s eager too, but a little more under control, and deposits a load on her ass. Taylor Sands, who is a babyfaced brunette, much less Californian than she sounds, is eager and happy to take an internal load in the second scene and less babyfaced but just as happy to have a threesome with Kay and lick cum off her ass in the third. The lovely Belle Claire laughs and moans as she gets fucked from behind in the fourth and swallows a load in a sexy 69 to finish up the movie.

The White Boxxx 20

Divorced from the strictures of a stupid, contrived plot, the actors can focus on the sex. They could be anyone, both of them ciphers standing in the roles of the universal (straight, white, cis) male and female. They could be you, or me, or Adam and Eve. On one level, that works perfectly, but on another, they have no personality, and they’re just a pair of Eastern Europeans whose claim on your memory is slight.

The White Boxxx 20

There’s not much to choose from amongst the four scenes – all of them have good-looking people, no drama, lots of white furniture and bedding, and mostly the same activities and positions. The first scene, with Tina Kay, is distinguished by some anal – as you might have guessed – and the third by a threesome featuring Kay and Taylor Sands. Cocksucking, pussy-eating, missionary, doggy, cowgirl and RCG abound, and the popshots are standard but varied. All in all, White Boxxx 20 is a nice, romantic interlude that you won’t regret.

Val Williams