“Who’s the Boss”: Positions of Power

By: Val Williams
Who's The Boss (Girlsway)

"Who's the Boss" is clearly a movie about lesbians and sexual harassment in the workplace, although since it's a Girlsway production, and porn, we can assume that everything that happens will be super hot and …

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"Who's The Boss (Girlsway)" Movie Details

Title: "Who's The Boss (Girlsway)"
Studio: Girlsway
Director: Stills By Allan
Stars: Shyla Jennings, Kissa Sins, Samantha Hayes, Aaliyah Love, Georgia Jones, Jenna Sativa, Chanell Heart, Sinn Sage
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

“Who’s the Boss” is clearly a movie about lesbians and sexual harassment in the workplace, although since it’s a Girlsway production, and porn, we can assume that everything that happens will be super hot and totally welcome. There’s no such thing as a hostile work environment when every employee just wants to get fucked by every other employee!

Who's the Boss

Georgia Jones is brand-new in her capacity as Sinn Sage‘s secretary, and she’s on notice that nobody expects her to last long. Her husband is her boss’s boss, and he keeps calling to tell her she’s out of her depth, which is pretty fucking annoying, but what do you expect from a man? Sinn, though, doesn’t care that her secretary’s boss is watching her pretty closely. When she crawls under Georgia’s desk and surprises her by nuzzling up into her pussy, she’s on the road to fucking Georgia. The secretary offers any number of reasons why they shouldn’t, but Sinn’s tongue is very convincing, and when she reveals that Georgia’s husband is fucking a completely different secretary, Georgia forgets about bosses and prenups and everything except Sinn’s hungry pussy. Which is good, because Sinn isn’t taking no for an answer. Georgia does her best to do her job at the same time as Sinn’s eating her out, and Sinn likes her performance.

Who's the Boss

Jenna Sativa keeps coming in late, and her boss Shyla Jennings has had just about enough of her shit; Jenna’s staying late tonight whether she wants to or not, even if it means she doesn’t get to go out to dinner with her girlfriend Samantha Hayes, who doesn’t understand why the boss can’t just do what she wants. When Samantha shows up to surprise her girlfriend, though, everybody has a shock coming – Jenna when Samantha shows up, Shyla when she walks in on Jenna and Samantha fucking in the conference room, and Samantha when she finds out that Jenna doesn’t really own the company and is about to be fired, entirely for cause. Samantha’s a quick thinker, though, and she comes up with a good solid business idea to save Jenna’s job: a lesbian threeway right there in the office. Samantha, it turns out, has a thing for powerful women, and if her girlfriend isn’t the boss, she’ll take the next best thing. As for Shyla, well, the more secretaries the better. Three pussies, six tits, three mouths, and plenty of energy makes for a great day at work.

Who's the Boss

Aaliyah Love is just settling in to the extended-stay hotel when Bob from HR calls to let her know that the rest of the company will be arriving soon for the weekend of team-building exercises. Booooring! Holy shit, could Aaliyah not care less about team-building exercises, but when Kissa Sins arrives to ask about the TPS reports (get it?), all of Aaliyah’s team spirit comes gushing out – all over Kissa’s pretty face! The two get right into bed and start making out, and before you know it, they’re buried face deep in each other’s pussies. They can’t get out of their clothes fast enough – the forbidden lesbian coworker sex really does it for both of them! Aaliyah and Kissa lick and suck each other’s clits, rub their tits together, tongue each other’s asses, and come like crazy for hours. And when Chanell Heart shows up to bring them downstairs for the team-building exercises, they invite her to join in; two hot white lesbians and one gorgeous dark-skinned girl make for a beautiful mix, and even though everyone else in the company is waiting downstairs, these three sexy businesswomen take their time getting to business together in the bedroom!

Who's the Boss

Val Williams