Kids These Days: “Young, Married and Available 2”

By: Val Williams
Young, Married and Available #2

So here comes "Young, Married, and Available 2", this new movie from New Sensations, and it's about what most New Sensations movies these days are about, which is to say how can we allow …

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"Young, Married and Available #2" Movie Details

Title: "Young, Married and Available #2"
Studio: New Sensations
Director: Paul Woodcrest
Stars: Alix Lovell, Ramon Nomar, Jessica Rex, Damon Dice, Skylar Snow, James Deen, Olive Glass, Chad White
Overall Rating:

4 stars

So here comes “Young, Married, and Available 2”, this new movie from New Sensations, and it’s about what most New Sensations movies these days are about, which is to say how can we allow women to be much, much sluttier but in a way that still lets them feel respectable (Hotwifing! Cuckolding!), and it looks like it’s going to be more of the same – all young couples where the woman gets to fuck anybody she wants and then tell the husband about it and he either fucks her while she tells him about it or jerks off in the corner while she tells him about it, depending on whether she’s a hotwife or he’s a cuckold. And to tell you the truth, it is all the same, except it has four women I’ve never heard of in it, which is something given that I sit at my desk and look at porn stars in porn movies all day long. One or even two stars I’ve never ehard of it sone thing, but four? Truly I am blessed.

Blessed is the only way to describe how you should feel when you look at Olive Glass. Olive is a Penthouse Pet, or was – I don’t know how long the term of office is – but she looks a lot more like a Playboy Bunny from the olden days, when dames were supposed to look classy; with bangs and a bob, she looks like a smart fifties housewife. She’s lean and gleeful, eager to fuck, and she seems like she’s having a good time when she’s getting fucked by Ramon Nomar, who came over to complain that their tree is dropping leaves on his tomatoes. By way of apology, she strips down in the kitchen and makes it worth his while. She has a great body, slim and all-natural, and you won’t forget her face soon, even covered in Ramon’s jizz.

Alix Lovell looks bustier than she is – she’s got one of those pushup bras that make the cleavage pop. She knows James Deen is coming by, and also that her husband Rick isn’t going to be home till late. Rick knows both of those things too, and he told Alix to just go on ahead without him as soon as James gets there. Since she was already masturbating before he even knocked, it doesn’t take long before they’re getting that restrictive lingerie off her; she’s a sloppy cocksucker and she and James both keep up a steady patter of muttered dirty talk that keeps the pace frenzied through a rough, savage fuck that ends with her taking a load on the face and tits.

Jessica Rex is just as busty as she looks – her lingerie doesn’t really emphasize as much as Alix’s did, but it certainly does its job (assuming its job is to make you want to take ehr breasts out and motorboat them). She and Damon Dice barely offer any explanation at all as to why they are fucking in the hallway, except to say that her husband is off at a conference and Damon was supposed to go too, but he stayed behind to take care of his buddy’s wife. Jessica too has short hair, and she reminds me a little of one of porn’s dirtiest cute girls, Tyla Wynn – she’s juicy and sexy, and I hope to see more of her.

Skylar Snow looks like someone else – another porn star, but I can’t remember who, which is just as well, because she’s perfectly good-looking by herself. She’s not cute, or beautiful – words that are overused and don’t mean anything anymore – but she’s strong and sexy and aggressive. and she goes right for Chad White when he arrives at the house looking for a package that Skylar’s husband sent him to go pick up. Turns out he’s the one with the package, though – ever since Skylar saw him at the company Christmas party and told her husband what she wanted as her next present. Well, here he is, and she gets to do whatever she wants with him. That includes a LOT of cocksucking, fucking in every position you can think of – well, all the standard ones – and a huge facial.

Val Williams