Dilate for Anal: Siri's Backdoor Debut

By: Gram Ponante

Siri Stacked 2 Porn can be odd; so many people do it but so few emerge as stars, even as the basic mechanics of the job are fairly easy to master. But watch your basic 5-scene porn film with a newbie at one end and a veteran at the other, going through the same motions and posing in the same positions, and you see who has “it.”

We’ve loved Siri since she was blonde (she still is, in places), and think that her story and her attitude makes her that much more exciting. Now that she has performed her first anal scene in “Stacked 2,” we fund an excuse to speak with her again.

SIRI: Shooting my first anal scene for Mason was, as I expected it would be, a wonderful experience.

GRAM: Some performers talk about doing certain things on camera that they have never done in real life. Was this true for you? Did you have first-time jitters?

SIRI: Even though I have enjoyed anal sex fairly often in my personal life, I did have a bit of nervous energy before this scene, which is completely unusual for me. I never feel nervous on camera. But I think mentally it was just different for me, the scene being all about putting something in my ass. But nervous energy translates well into intensity and passion, so I think in the end it made for an even better scene.

GRAM: What was your motivation? How did you prepare?

SIRI: I made sure to play with my ass a lot leading up to the shoot, including using a butt plug dilator kit.

GRAM: I keep seeing those at Radio Shack but I never have enough money. Is there a science to picking your first on-screen anal scene partner?

Siri Stacked 2 SIRI: Mick Blue was the ideal scene partner; he’s sweet and professional, he’s gentle and rough at the right times, and his cock is just the right size.

GRAM: That sounds like both a great resume blurb AND epitaph. I also liked the opening sequence, as I do with all of Mason’s scenes.

SIRI: [Yes!] in addition to the amazing sex, I had so much fun shooting the tease sequence with Mason. I can’t wait for all of my fans to see this film!

Naturally the “Stacked” series features large-breasted, juicier women. Watching the movie, which also features the beautiful August Ames, “9 1/2 Weeks“‘ Summer Brielle, and — someone I had never seen before — the intriguing Marina Visconti, I felt very strongly — in all parts of my body — that fucking each one of them in the ass would be a really enjoyable experience.

Did I want to perform abortions after watching “Cider House Rules”? No. That’s how you know “Stacked 2″ is a movie that can really move you.

Gram Ponante

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