Nikki Benz

Interview: Nikki Benz


by P. Weasels

With her long blond hair, huge tits and svelte physique, Nikki Benz is the kind of woman you'd recognize as a pornstar from across the street. In her three-year career, she's played it pretty safe, but since joining Teravision last August, she's starting to let it all hang out.

Nikki took some time out of her busy dance schedule to talk to us about her first anal scene, what it's like to have sex with Tera Patrick and a little straight talk on sex as a pornstar.

Naked Truth: So how are you?

Nikki Benz: I’m good, I’m actually in West Virginia on a feature dance gig right now. I feature dance at least once a month. I used to dance a lot more but now I have to create more time for Teravision and filming my movies.

NT: How long have you been with Teravision?

Nikki: I joined in August of ‘05, so it’s been almost a year

NT: How many movies have you done for them?

Nikki: I’ve done four and the first one is being released next week called Test Drive. I’ve done other scenes for them and I don’t know what they’re gonna do with those scenes - if they’re gonna put them in a movie or use them as web content - but so far I’ve done 2 movies that are mine, Test Drive and my second movie will be called Sexposé Nikki Benz.

NT: What’s the plot of Sexposé Nikki Benz?

Nikki: I think it’s going to be a great movie because there is no plot. It’s just 5 scenes of me having sex with different people in different positions and different scenarios. There’s a girl/girl scene and boy/girl scene and an anal scene, so it’s all me.

NT: Sounds great.

Nikki: I get emails from fans saying that me being in 3 scenes or 2 scenes in a movie isn’t enough, they want to see more. So they’re kinda getting what they were asking for.

NT: And how many scenes do you have in Test Drive?

Nikki: Three scenes. I do my first ever anal, which I was extremely nervous about.

NT: First on screen or first ever?

Nikki: First on screen. I don’t do a lot of anal in my personal life, so that was a little nerve-wracking because it was with Tony T and he is kinda large to do an anal scene with. [laughs] But I made it work!

I also have a girl/girl scene with Tera Patrick in that movie. Another scene is a boy/boy/girl with Tommy Gunn and Scott Nails. So I kinda do it all in that movie.

NT: Is your boy/boy/girl scene a DP?

Nikki: No, there’s no DPs, I’ve never done a DP.

NT: But you did do your very first anal scene, which is a big deal. What kind of movie is Test Drive?

Nikki: It’s a high end production. Tera and Spyder spent a lot of money on this movie. We rented a beautiful mansion and shot in different locations. Basically, this movie is the hardest I’ve done because I did anal and I’ve never done anal before and even the boy/boy/girl scene is pretty hardcore compared to what I did before. I’m proud of that because I feel like I’ve kind of stepped up a level and I’m giving my fans something different than what I was doing before. But there’s also a storyline in the movie - a lot of girls like storylines. So it kind of gears towards couples and towards the males that like the hardcore sex.

NT: What is the storyline?

Nikki: The storyline is basically that I’m a dissatisfied housewife. My husband can’t get it up so I just go and “test drive” people and have sex with whomever I want. It was fun, we actually rented a Ferrari for a day and I got to drive it. But they would only let me drive it in first gear. [laughs]

NT: Is Tera in that movie too?

Nikki: Yeah, I do a girl/girl with her. This will actually be my first girl/girl scene with Tera. People get to see my anal scene for the first time ever and they get to see me with Tera Patrick for the first time. And we also have Roxy Jezel and Lucy Lee in it.

NT: Have you ever worked with Tera before?

Nikki: I was in the very first scene of Appetite for Destruction. I’m the one that fucks her husband. [laughs]

Nikki Benz

NT: What’s working with her like?

Nikki: It’s great. I love working with Tera and she’s my friend. When I first met her, I was really intimidated by her and now that I know her better, I love doing scenes with her and we’re friends so it’s very easy to work with her.

NT: Would you say that your turn ons and sex life have changed since getting into adult?

Nikki: Yes. I’m gonna be totally honest, a lot girls are too afraid to say it, but I don’t care. After getting into adult movies, when I have sex in my personal life I prepare like I would before a scene. I’ll go take a shower, do a douche. I want to make sure I’m squeaky clean. I just feel like I’m about to do a scene in my personal life, so I do the same procedures I would prior to doing a scene. Whereas before I started doing movies, it was more spontaneous. Now I’m more aware.

NT: Most girls say nothing’s changed.

Nikki: The thing is, I’ll talk to girls and they say the same thing, but they never want to admit that when they do interviews. I’m like, “well, it’s the truth.” You prepare more before sex. At least I find I do and the girls I spoke with do the same.

NT: Do you have a significant other right now?

Nikki: Yeah, I’m in a relationship. Obviously, he’s not in the industry. I prefer it that way, actually. I don’t think I could date a performer.

NT: Why is that?

Nikki: You know, it’s so weird because this is what I do. I go to work and I have sex. But I don’t know if I could handle my guy doing that. You know what I mean? [laughs] But I am open. It’s an open relationship, meaning if he wants to go and have sex with a girl in our personal life, I’m fine with it. I just don’t want him doing it on screen.

NT: Does he have a problem with your job?

Nikki: No.

NT: That’s good to hear. So, what are you working on now?

Nikki: A big budget movie called Teradise Island. We filmed the whole movie in Hawaii. It’s actually two movies: Teradise Island and then there’ll be a sequel coming . The first one is probably gonna come out in June or July. Now that Appetite for Destruction came out, we’re releasing a movie once a month

NT: Do you have ambitions to things besides performing?

Nikki Benz

Nikki: I am always going to be in the adult industry. I want to start directing for Teravision. I’m not quite ready yet, but they will give me the creative freedom where I can write a script and direct it. I don’t know, maybe one day I’ll own my own production company but right now I’m happy with what I do. I feature dance, I have my website, and obviously my movies. I do a gig on KSEX radio where I host my own show. So, I’m kinda trying to do a few mainstream things. I did a VH1 show and I did an MTV show with Teravision. I’m trying to do it all! [laughs]

NT: Your contract with Teravision doesn’t prohibit you from doing mainstream stuff?

Nikki: No, mainstream is totally separate from Teravision. And actually, ever since I joined Teravision I’ve been getting more mainstream stuff. I did a photoshoot for Maxim and an interview with Stuff magazine. They kinda opened the door for me for more mainstream stuff.

NT: That’s cool. So where will we see you next?

Nikki: In June, Tera and I will be doing a whole bunch of store signings to promote our movie all. I know we’re doing EXXXotica Miami, one date in New York, and then LA Erotica.

NT: Well, maybe we’ll see you there. Thanks a lot for talking to us.

Nikki: Oh yeah, look for me!

Check out Nikki's newest film, Test Drive!