What You Need to Know About: Squirting


by P. Weasels

There are plenty of niche markets in porn, but most of them focus on things that anybody can do - gagging, foot fetish, anal creampies, and so on. There are a very few genres, though, that depend on a particular skill or talent. Deep Throat was the king - or queen - of porn skills for a long time, but there's a new kid in town: squirting.


What is it?

Well, there's a lot of debate about that. Some say it's the female equivalent of the money-shot - an ejaculation accompanying orgasm. Some say it's just pissing and an orgasm at the same time, the man who “discovered” it says it's a "deurinized liquid from the bladder mixed with discharge from the Skene's gland...the equivalent of the male prostate," and plenty of people declare it doesn't exist at all. Whatever squirting is, it is not, ever, an ejaculation from the ass (if you ever hear of somebody advertising an "anal squirt" you should be aware that you are really going to be seeing the results either of an enema or dysentery). The girls who do squirt maintain that it's the physical evidence of an orgasm, and Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, with the lyrical gift for eroticism which distinguishes the German medical establishment, said that he figured it was secretions of the intra-urethral glands correlated with the erotogenic zone along the urethra in the anterior vaginal wall. That erotogenic zone is more commonly known as the G-spot, named for the good doctor, and whatever the composition or origin of the fluid itself, most reports agree that stimulation of the G-spot is what makes it come out to play.


Who can do it?

Word on the street is that any woman can - the physical structures are all there, and it's just a matter of learning how to use them, like using your fingers to whistle or wiggling your ears. The female orgasm is a mysterious thing, though, and the word on a different street is that some can do it and some can't. The issue is complicated by the obscure fact that, as in the male, orgasm and ejaculation are not synonymous, so it's one of those talents that may be more elusive than others. As with so many things, it depends on the individual.


Who does it a lot?

Once upon a time, squirting was pretty rare, almost freakish. Squirters showed up occasionally in specialty videos and freaks-of-nature comps, or how-to videos from women-owned companies making empowering, educational porn. No more, though- there are stars making entire careers out of their ability to put your eye out at range.

Mila (who billed herself as the Russian Squirt), Sara Jane Hamilton, and Fallon all made names for themselves, but squirting was a marginal niche market until the turn of the millennium, when Seymore Butts began releasing squirt-themed movies. Overnight, Seymore became almost as well known for squirting movies as for anal, and his girlfriends-cum-stars included prolific squirters Alisha Klass and Taylor Hayes. Seymore was also first on the ground with Flower Tucci; Flower and Cytherea are the reigning squirt queens on the scene today, although the popularity of squirt video means that other girls with the talent are popping up like daisies. While there are plenty of girls who have appeared in a few squirting titles, very few are establishing the kind of clear identity as squirters that those two have; watch out for Annie Cruz as a challenger to the throne in the near future, though.


How can you tell if it's real?

You can't, unless you're standing there or a gynecologist. There are some clues you can look for that will tell you if the participants are faking it poorly, but the chances are you're not going to be able to make a clear call. One sign that you may be watching a faked squirt is the cutaway; if the camera cuts to a face shot or some other angle just before a squirt, and then back to a pussy gouting fluid, it's likely that the girl got filled up with a syringe full of water right before the money shot. Usually, squirting is produced by some pretty vigorous action, and action like that is going to squeeze liquid out of a pussy if it was just injected in there, so if you see a couple of uncut minutes of hard fucking, followed by a gusher with no cutaway in between, the chances are better that you're seeing real squirting. In addition, since it's produced by stimulation of the g-spot, which is in a very specific place - at the front of the vagina, below the navel - watch for stimulation of that area from the inside or outside, especially with fingers or a toy. The behavior of the fluid itself should be a clue, too - since it's basically the same action as a male orgasm, the product of contracting muscles. Watch for quick spurts instead of one long gush like a faucet followed by dribbling. All women who squirt don't produce the same amount of fluid at the same rate, though, just as all men's come-shots are different. Watch, too, for contractions of the belly and thigh muscles - most women who squirt say it's more intense than other orgasms, so other muscles that react to an orgasm may be affected, too. When it comes down to it, though, the truth is that it's like most porn: Go with your gut. If it seems fake, it probably is, and if it doesn't seem fake, then it doesn't matter if it is or not, as long as you enjoy it.

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