Porn 101: Hip Hop Porn Primer

by: P. Weasels

Hip-hop and porn are a natural marriage; from underground traditions and celebrating outlaw lifestyles, they have both become the source of eye-popping profits for savvy investors. Aside from their cultural underpinnings, though, many hip-hop videos are very nearly soft-core porn already, and they wouldn't be the same without the everpresent background of rump-shakin', booty-quakin' honeys (including Karrine Steffans, groupie extraordinaire, whose tell-all book is a bestseller and whose movie, Super Head, is due from Vivid any day). Anyone who expresses surprise at the "new" alliance of adult video and the hip-hop world (as the New York Times did recently in a stuffy, professorial article) just hasn't been paying attention.

Snoop Dogg may be the biggest name to make a serious porn/hip-hop crossover, but he wasn’t the first one to make the connection. Hip hop and rap artists have been playing the porn game for quite a while - DJ Yella, a founding member of NWA, has been acting in and directing porn since 1994 under the name Tha Kidd (he started using his DJ name in 2000 in order to bring porn and the mainstream world closer together), while Son Doobie's Porn King came out in 1997, followed by The Love Doctor in 1999. Digital Underground strayed perilously close to the boundaries of straight-up porn with an unofficial making-of tape for one of their videos that featured a warehouse full of scantily clad girls in an orgy-style free-for-all, and various members of DU have appeared in later porn efforts. Other stars who have put one foot or another into the world of porn before Snoop knocked 'em out include DJ Polo, Greg Nice (of Nice 'N' Smooth), the notorious pimp godfather Too $hort, and legendary jack-of-all-trades Kool Keith of the Ultramagnetic MCs.

But the ball didn't really start rolling until Snoop took a shot at adult video, partnered with juggernaut Hustler; Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle and Snoop Dogg's Hustlaz were the first hip-hop/porn movies to make enough of a financial splash to drum up real interest and spawn imitators. In the porn world, where moving ten thousand units is equivalent to going multiplatinum, Snoop Dogg's sales figures were astronomical - Hustler founder Larry Flynt was quoted as saying that the sales were in the hundreds of thousands, and both Doggystyle and Hustlaz were the top-selling tapes in their years of release. Hustler followed up Snoop’s success with Liquid City, a two disc set featuring rapper Mystikal, whose legal troubles and subsequent imprisonment may have kept him from continuing in the field. Snoop's success opened the floodgates for a succession of other stars who seized the opportunity for both profit and a creative freedom they couldn't exercise in traditional video outlets, and within a couple of years, artists from the top ranks of the hip-hop world were releasing videos of varying explicitness and quality. Studios were jumping on the bandwagon as well - Vivid, Metro and VCA have all gotten into the game, and there's absolutely no doubt that others will be on the table soon.

Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle and Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp (Hustler)

Music Rating: 9 Sex Rating: 9

Snoop's freshman effort was a wall-to-wall fleshfest, a here's-how-we-roll party joint featuring eleven new songs by Snoop and friends, six music videos and five unreservedly hardcore sex scenes with porn stars like Obsession, India, Anna Malle, and Jade Marcela. The sex scenes and the videos merged almost seamlessly, and it was easy to forget that Snoop wasn't participating in the hardcore footage. He cruised through the party like he was born to it, and Hustlaz, in which a female reporter covers a party at Snoop's house, was an even bigger success. Seduced by his cavalier charm and utter disregard for female dignity, the reporter learns some valuable lessons about how a woman should behave and Snoop offers plenty more new music and a lot of valuable information about the right way to treat bitches; forty girls, seven sex scenes, stretch Hummers and giant orgy scenes testify to Snoop's astounding wealth, or at least of Hustler's willingness to put on the dog for a movie.


Groupie Love (Digital Sin)

Music Rating: 9 Sex Rating: 9

Unique so far is the approach taken by Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and Young Buck in Groupie Love, a VIP POV DVD that takes the viewer into the world of the rich young superstars. You get to choose the locations - G4 private jet, Hummer limo, house party, or the sound lab - and be in the driver's seat for the action, from watching two stewardesses kiss to getting a double blowjob from a pair of honeys in the limo to multiple positions with the likes of Kaylani Lei, Monica Sweetheart, Kathleen Kruz, Shy Love and Jayna Oso, among others. The whole thing is overlaid by original music and each scene is introduced by the charming and debonair Fitty, accompanied by Lloyd and Young Buck, who welcome you into the plane, or limo, or studio or whatever. The second disc has extensive bonus scenes with Taylor Rain, Nadia Styles, and Jennifer Luv, as well as Behind-the-Scenes footage and outtakes. Altogether it's the most slickly produced DVD in the field, with a great soundtrack and high-end girls.


Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz: American Sex Series (Video Team) and Lil Jon's Vivid Vegas Party (Vivid)

Music Rating: 7 Sex Rating: 8

Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz are the current kings of the hip-hop/porn scene, with one movie out from Video Team and a second from Vivid's new crunk imprint. Although the cast features some real porn stars - Ice La Fox, India and Jada, among others - American Sex Stories is a softcore piece, except for some toy penetration and a girl/girl strapon scene. The Vegas Party, though, is a full-on hardcore feature, with performances from Mercedez, Lexi Marie, and Ayana Angel, as well as Mr. Marcus and Tommy Gunn. Although his part in the film is non-sex, Lil Jon at least participates in some of the sex scenes, and the music runs through all of both movies, making it a real hip-hop/porn collaboration. "King of Crunk" Lil Jon was on top of his game, with three Billboard awards including R&B/Hip-hop Group of the Year and a platinum album under his belt when the Vegas Party was filmed, and the partnership with Vivid will be producing at least one more film, so keep an eye out.


Sex and the Studio Part 1 and Part 2 (Metro)

Music Rating: 7 Sex Rating: 8

Although there's no single big star to recommend them, the Sex and the Studio DVDs boast a constellation of rap and hip-hop stars being interviewed and pestered, with Treach, Snoop Dogg, Redman, Money B., De La Soul and many others providing interview time and stories, and India, Obsession, Chloe Black, Lacey DuValle and many others providing the hotness. Shock G., formerly of Digital Underground, is a particular stand-out in full Humpty Hump effect for his hilarious interviews, comic fashion, and flirty style. This is much more of a video magazine format, with a few sex scenes scattered through it; there's no pretense of making a video or showing a day in the life of a porn star. Instead, Hump and Money B and the various stars (both porn and music) show up at various events, charity shows and parties, and the sex scenes are less central, although no less hot. Xzibit, Coolio, Ludacris and Mystikal appear on the second volume with porn stars Layla Jade, Nyomi Marcela, Belladonna, Montana Gunn, Mia Smiles and others, and both volumes have extensive special features with extended and unseen interviews and music videos, as well as extra discs with the music from the movies.


Tha Realest #1 and #2 (Fatt Entertainment)

Music Rating: 6 Sex Rating: 7

Tha Realest is, according to some, the new alter ego of the slain (or maybe not) Tupac Shakur. He’s the latest (but probably not for long) in the parade of stars dropping porn DVDs. A pair of releases from Fatt Entertainment starring Tha Realest with the host duties and Mika Tan, Piper Austin, Lady Armani, Lyla Lei and Naudia Rio, with Mr. Marcus, Dale Dabone and Tommy Gunn on cock duty. The setting for both DVDs is a huge party, with both music and sex going on all over the place. In addition to music at the party, Tha Realest does quite a bit of freestyling, and is more involved in the hosting than many of his fellows, participating in the scenes to the extent of playing along with the plot of introducing his friends to the various porn girls around the place, although that's as far as it goes.


Liquid City and Liquid City #2 (Hustler)

Music Rating: 5 Sex Rating: 8

Hustler followed up Snoop's runaway success with two DVDs hosted by Mystikal and starring a cartload of porn stars; by this time a stable of girls who appeared in rap/porn videos was starting to take shape, and the same names pop up in a lot of the videos - Chloe Black, Ayana Angel, Ice La Fox, and Jada being some of the more frequent ones. Mystikal, like Snoop before him and most music stars after him, stayed away from the sex, preferring the 'host' role and leaving the explicit sex to the professionals. Like many other porn/music hybrids, this one is more about the sex than the beats, and there is no new music showcased on either disc. Some of the sex is obviously set up, but there are also some very spontaneous scenes in club-type settings. Mystikal's sales may have been helped out by the fact that he was involved in a high-profile court case shortly after the movies came out, but further efforts in the porn line were hindered by the fact that he went to jail for six years; it remains to be seen whether either of his careers will resume when he gets out in 2008


Ice-T's Pimpin' 101 (Fatt Entertainment)

Music Rating: 5 Sex Rating: 7

If Snoop was the biggest artist to deal in adult video, Ice-T might be the most significant. Called "the Bob Dylan of rap," his career as rapper, actor, composer and social force is second to none. Through his musical catalog and credits as one of the fathers of real gangsta rap, Ice-T has built a separate and equally successful career as an actor in TV and movies, including a somewhat ironic recurring role as a vice cop on Law and Order, and his Pimpin' 101 is an interesting entry in the field. Where Snoop's Hustlaz concerned itself with the proper attitude for a pimp, Pimpin' 101 showcases the actual mechanics of the trade. Snoop's just a rich guy with some hos in a stable, but Ice-T's first lesson focuses on recognizing and differentiating the six types of hos (streetwalkers, gold-diggers, strippers, callgirls, wives, and porn stars). Not the slightest hint of skin does he show, and nary a girl does he touch; instead he introduces each segment (strippers are his favorite), and then the real porn stars take over; Chloe Black, Sharon Wild and Ryan Conner are among the girls plying their trade with Mr. Marcus, among others. The music is much less a factor in this one, and the sound itself is not very good, but it's not a music video; this is definitely a porn movie featuring a hip-hop celebrity rather than a music movie with porn stars.


Treach's Naturally Naughty Porn Movie (Mojo Home Video)

Music Rating: 4 Sex Rating: 4

Although Treach technically does not appear naked and cannot be proven to have had sex with either of the women in his movie, he gets about as close as you can get and not actually be caught fucking onscreen. Although there are two other inarguably hardcore scenes in the movie, it's Treach's appearance that sells it - without him it's nothing. With him, it's celebrity porn, depending on your definition of porn. The girls are totally uninhibited and uncut, but Treach himself artfully retains some socks and a pair of boxers; for the rest, angles, shadow and cleverly arranged hair keep us from seeing whether or not Treach actually "gets his freak on wit da hot sistas", as we're apprised by the cover copy, but Treach has maintained a little mystery, which is a precious thing in the world of porn.


Knocturnal's Uncensored Record Release Party Volumes 1 and 2 (Fatt Entertainment)

Music Rating: 5 Sex Rating: 8

Another Dre protégé, West Coast rapper Knocturnal isn't as successful as Snoop or as important as Ice-T, but he's got his own porn movie, just like them. Knocturnal's movie purports to be the chronicle of a record release party, but like most of the hip-hop/porn movies around, the music and the sex maintain a healthy distance from each other. There are a few scantily clad girls at the actual record release, but most of the action takes place in what looks like a barbecue in Knoc's backyard before the party starts or in set-up shots in the house. The party itself looks kind of sparsely attended, and the rest of the non-porn footage is definitely spontaneous - in one scene, one of the alleged hos pretty much refuse to have sex with some member of the posse. Altogether, the thing doesn't hold up very well, jumping back and forth between the "party cam" (which is annoying - when it looks like something might be about to happen at the party, the editors cut away) and the porn (which is okay but takes too long to get to). Volume 2 is more of the same, with some porn stars who showed up briefly in the first volume. Some of the party footage is exactly the same, but in general, the sex is better in Volume 2 - although it seems like there's less of it, it's fresher and more spontaneous, and more like what you hope you'd really see at a wild record release party.


Kurupt Uncut and Uncut XXX (VCA/Excessive Entertainment)

Music Rating: 4 Sex Rating: 5

Dr. Dre protégé and former Dogg Pound and Death Row Inmate Kurupt hosts a concurrent porn shoot and filming of a video for a song called "She Wants to What". Well, not really hosts. He's pretty far away from the action, rarely appearing in a scene except the recording of the actual video itself, which appears at the end of the DVD. The rest of the film, which is to say all the porn, concerns the adventures of Kurupt's entourage and the hoops they make the booty girls go through in order to get a chance at appearing in the video. The music consists mostly of the song they're shooting for, and the girls who end up appearing in the video are not the ones you see in the hardcore action, but there are good scenes with Roxy Reynolds, Sydnee Capri, and Melodee Bliss. The DVD was released in two versions - Uncut XXX is actually uncut, and shows all the action, as well as having an uncensored version of the music video, but Kurupt Uncut has only softcore angles and action, as well as bleeped lyrics in the video.

In general, hip-hop porn can be divided into two broad categories: porn-centric and music-centric, so if you're shopping, decide whether you want more realtime with your favorite star and his music or straight-up sex with legitimate porn stars. In the porn-centric movies, there doesn't tend to be much in the way of new music or original beats; the porn takes center-stage. In the music video-style porn, the artist has taken some time to make new tunes for the film, and generally it will be marketed that way. Snoop's movies and the Sex and the Studio video magazines, with their new tracks and extra discs, are good examples of the music-centric style; Knocturnal's Record Release Party DVD and Kurupt Uncut fit the bill, although they are less music-intensive. Ice-T's Pimpin' 101 and Treach's Naturally Naughty Porn Movie go the other way, with little original music and lots of unconnected sex scenes; DJ Yella's 25 or more videos are all sex and don't trade on his rap roots at all. Most DVDs fall somewhere in the middle, with some original music but no actual performances, like Evasive Angles' Big Phat Apple Bottom Booty series, each volume of which features five new music-video style porn scenes with music by artists like Baby S, Lil Flip, and Kurupt. Whatever your taste, there's something for you on the shelf and more on the way.