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Rookie of the Week: Candy Manson


by P. Weasels


Every girl is a newcomer sometime. Some of them go on to direct for their own production company, some show up in a half-dozen gonzo titles and then disappear, but for a few months the world is wide open and there's a million dollars, an AVN Award and a stretch Hummer just over the horizon. In that time, they're fresh, they're brand-new, and they love to try everything there is to do. We pick out the best and the most enthusiastic as the Rookie of the Week.

Candy Manson looks like she was built for porn - and parts of her were. Not one of your innocent girls, Candy works the same kind of sexy-trashy vibe that Christina Aguilera had going on before she stopped looking slutty, and Candy's boobs are each individually the size of Christina Aguilera to boot. Everything about her is tiny and tight except those huge and practically perfect tits. And with her long blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes and just slightly exotic features, she's one of those girls you can't take your eyes away from - and neither can anybody else.

Candy started dancing in gentlemen's clubs in her native Chicago the day after her eighteenth birthday, in November of 2001. She found herself in a pickle after spending some money she shouldn't have, got on the stage to replace it, and found herself addicted to the pole. She kept dancing, working at a Scores club in Chicago by 2004, and when a friend of hers secured some work in LA, she started doing girl/girl and catfight shoots. Before long, she became a favorite in the fetish world, getting caned, flogged, and bound on camera for both magazine and internet pictorials. From the fetish work she does, as well as some of her appearances in mainstream porn, Candy appears to be something of a submissive - even if you can't find any of her bondage work, check out her leash-and-collar scene in Jack's Teen America #12. She looks mighty good on her hands and knees wearing just a ring-and-leather bikini.

After rocking the fetish photo world, Candy got into real porn in 2005 – boy/girl, no holds barred fucking on-camera. You'll notice we didn't say no holes barred - that's because Candy doesn't do anal. Not yet, anyway - she started off saying it was totally out of the question, but her stance has showed signs of changing recently. Her gloriously oversized breasts proved just as popular in straight porn as they did in her fetish work, and it wasn't long before Candy was getting noticed all over the place. She didn't neglect her roots, though - aside from starring in epics like Double D P.O.V. #2 and Hustler's A History of Porn, she also found time to win the Miss Nude Galaxy 2005 title at Nudes-a-Poppin'.

She's in porn for good - even if she hadn't been a porn junkie from way back, she's in heavy demand. She loves the work, providing as it does the opportunity for her to get paid to get laid, to have sex with girls, and to get fucked by Evan Stone, who she says is her favorite co-star. With more than twenty movies under her belt in the last year, Candy's poised to make it big.


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