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“Fuck Me First, Daddy”: A Little Too Real
By: Val Williams - 02/09/2018
“Fuck Me First, Daddy” has something going for it, though. The first fifteen minutes of the movie, is some of the most compelling work I’ve ever seen in porn.
Manuel Ferrara’s “Ripe 4”: Thanks Heavens for Fresh Girls
By: Val William - 02/06/2018
If for some reason you aren't able to locate girls that are young, horny, and ready to get fucked in every hole - Manuel Ferrara is here to help with Ripe 4.
“Psychotic Behavior”: How Much Can You Take?
By: Val Williams - 02/06/2018
It's hard to describe what's going on in "Psychotic Behavior", except it looks as much like hatefucking as much as anything I've seen in porn.
2018 AVN Nominations: Female Performer of the Year
By: Val Williams - 01/25/2018
Porn - at least straight porn - just wouldn't be the same without its women, and the ones who put in the extra effort are always our favorites.
2018 AVN Nominations: Best Taboo Relations Movie
By: Val Williams - 01/23/2018
Every kink and every niche has its time, and now is the time for the Taboo Relations people to hold their heads up proudly
“My Dad, Your Dad”: Calm Down, There Are Enough Dads for Everyone
By: Val Williams - 01/22/2018
There's something really sexy about older men, says the narrator of "My Dad, Your Dad", and you can't really argue with her.
I Am Katrina”: A Sex Documentary
By: Val Williams - 01/18/2018
I Am Katrina A Sex Documentary is special - four of Evil Angel's best artistes take four different looks at what makes Katrina Jade tick.
“Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend “7”: She’s Probably Going to Find Out Anyway
By: Val Williams - 01/18/2018
Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend 7: If she were really your wife's best friend, she wouldn't have let you buttfuck her, would she have?
2018 AVN Nominations: Best Ingenue Movie
By: Val Williams - 01/18/2018
Porn loves its fresh teens - the entire industry is a well-lubed machine built to deliver sexy bodies, fresh faces, and eager young libidos to your metaphorical doorstep
“DP Me 6”: More of What She Likes
By: Val Williams - 01/17/2018
"DP Me 6" is the latest in a line of very reliable, very well-made movies featuring hot girls who want two cocks inside them at the same time,DP.