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“I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 3”: You Have to Be Vigilant All the Time
By: Val Williams - 08/10/2017
It shouldn't be hard to guess what happens in "I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 3", but then porn isn't really supposed to be about mystery or nuance.
“OMG! I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF! 14”: How Surprising Is It, Really, After 13 Times?
By: P. Weasels - 03/01/2017
The art of fucking, is serious business, and so is the art of acting. Once in a while it's good to see a nice combination of both. Today however, our full attention will be devoted to the fucking in this Devils film, so sit back and relax.
“My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 10”: Well, You Weren’t Very Careful, Were You?
By: P. Weasels - 01/05/2017
In "My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 10", the folks at Devils Films have put together another compendium of scenes featuring internecine strife as young women find out that their mothers are seductresses and anal whores
Up Your Alley: Trending Pegging Titles
By: P. Weasels - 07/26/2016
If you haven't dabbled in pegging before, here are five of our top trending titles, and if you have, here are five of your favorites!
Movie Review: “My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 9”
By: P.Weasels - 07/11/2016
The best way to describe "My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 9" is that, momwise, it is populated entirely by moms who you would absolutely expect to catch fucking their sons-in-law.
Movie Review: My New White Step Daddy
By: P. Weasels - 05/10/2016
Sexy black teens seduce their new white stepdads with bouncing tits, perfect asses, hungry mouths, and pure horniness.
What’s On Top: "The Tranny Bunch"
By: P. Weasels - 07/01/2015
"The Tranny Bunch" hits all the high points - Hawaii, the football, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia - but doesn't distract from the excellent sex scenes.
School’s Out: Your Pornstar Vacation
By: Gram Ponante - 05/21/2015
School's Out: Here are five movies that celebrate the spirit of summer including themes of summer school, lesbian pool parties, topless carwashes, and summertime sluts!
Classic Porn Review: "Horny Grannies Love to Fuck 6"
By: P. Weasels - 12/02/2014
I’m not sure what it is about grannies that grannyphiles find sexy, or what the criteria are
Movie Review: "Transsexual Babysitters 26"
By: P. Weasels - 09/11/2014
take advantage of the therapeutic powers of a blowjob administered by a busty babysitter in a hot plaid skirt